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EverReady Australian Shepherd Owner Application

If you think you'd like an EverReady dog, please complete this form to help us get to know you.

Your family

Your Home - Select all that apply


Your house

Dog's exercise area

Living with dogs

How hectic is your life?

How many hours will you devote to dog(s) daily?

Do you work outside of the home?

Have you trained a dog before?


Australian Shepherds are versatile companions and excel in many activities, whether in competition or for fun. Tell us what you plan to do with your dog.

When you need help


Tell us what gender and color you hope for, but a puppy suitable for your lifestyle may not be of the gender or color you prefer.

We're flexible. We'll let you choose the puppy for us, regardless of color of gender.





EverReady Australian Shepherd puppies will be carefully evaluated before being old enough to go to their new homes. We will identify puppies suitable for the home, life style, planned activities and personality of approved applicants. A suitable puppy may not be of the gender or color you prefer. If a suitable puppy doesn't fit your preferences, you'll have the option to apply your deposit for another puppy, apply it to a future breeding or forfeit the deposit. Deposits will only be refunded if there are no puppies or not enough puppies to satisfy the reservations.

When we receive and approve your completed application, your name will be added to the waiting list. We'll notify you when a litter is planned to verify continued interest. At that time you may reserve a puppy by sending a non-refundable $150.00 deposit, which will be deducted from the total purchase price. No reservation, no puppy will be held for you.

  • You WILL become a member of the EverReady Family, if we place a puppy with you.
  • You MUST stay in contact with us, updating us on your progress so we can support your success and help prevent any problems. We love pictures, brags, notes and visits.
  • The dog MUST be returned to EverReady Australian Shepherds if you are unable or unwilling to keep it.